Rumors and News

So it came to my attention that news (as in newspaper, news media news) starts as rumors.
It makes sense, I guess, that “news” isn’t written until it is first a rumor that peaks interest. If this is true, it follows that all “news” is just what one person heard from another that somehow made its way down the chain to the editor of the newspaper, who decided it should be further investigated.

The good news is that the rumors aren’t the main thing reported (usually). It takes a nosy and slightly cynical reporter to find the nuggets of truth within the stew.

So, I guess that means that “rumors” are heretofore described as being founded in truth, but shrouded in fiction, whereas “news” is described as being founded in truth and bearing witness to that truth. However, when “news” is involved, is it safe to say that the stories tell the Truth? On the finite level of humans, there is an Absolute Truth, and Relevant Truth…I guess Absolute Truth is what cannot be changed, whereas Relevant Truth is that which appears unchangeable at a certain time in history from the vantange point of any given finite human being. Being unchangeable makes something a Truth, but being changeable to one and unchangeable to another makes it Relevant.

More later…


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