Good bye, September

Today is the last day of September. Where has the month gone?? It seems like yesterday I was moving in to my room and hoping my roommate would bring a couch…

So, deep theological question: How have I changed in the past month?
Well, for one thing, I can now sleep through the night without getting too many back pains.
I have connected with last-year’s friends on campus.
I have been reading my textbooks more.
I have been avidly attacking my homework when I get the chance.
I have made many new friends, most of them freshmen.
Instead of wondering what on earth I’m going to do this fall, I’ve gotten a pretty good idea.
I have (most unfortunately) developed a taste for staying up late to watch movies.
I have developed also, the ability to write news stories with more fluidity.
I am learning to listen to myself–how many times I speak in a conversation more than whomever I’m speaking to.
I’m learning to control my desire to be accepted.
I’m learning to listen to others and remember what they say.
I’m learning how to be an effective reporter.

I’ve taken this break to write. It helps me focus if I take a break or two while doing my homework.
Tomorrow is another Production Night for the Crusader staff, so I’ll probably stay up till all hours of the night, but I don’t mind because I have no classes on Thursdays.

I’ve been wondering several things lately, but to save space, I’m going to list them as my top questions for the month of September:
The American Culture–what securities does the Digital Age bring?
The End Times–what is the nature of the society in which we live?
Why do the “good people” die first?
Do I really learn in school?

I will probably devote a post to each question, maybe.
Also, thanks to Dr. Patton, the words I have learned this month are:
1. imperturbable (17 Sept)–adj. not easily disturbed, agitated or disconcerted.
2. derided (17 Sept)–to make contemptuous fun of; mock
3. pontificate (29 Sept)– to perform ecclesiastical rites or ceremonies as a pontiff 2. to talk in an arrogant or self-important manner.

Hmm. So that looks like everything I can write, I guess. The joy (and pain) of life is that it’s so intricate, I couldn’t possibly list everything I’ve learned this month, everything I’ve been wondering, or even everything I’ve improved in my life. It amazes me that each person’s life meets with others at different points along the way, linking person to person, network to network, creating the fabric of reality and interaction as we know it. Thoughts like this remind me how insignificant I am, but help me understand my place and my role–should I try to fit in to society, or is it better to spread out?

Good bye, September.
Have a wonderful evening, everyone. Keep safe.


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