Semester Abroad

So for those of you of whom I’ve been so rude as to withhold this information, I’m going on a semester abroad to Costa Rica!! I’m so excited! I’ve been asking around, and I’ve decided to take my iPod touch with me because it’s smaller and easier to keep track of than my computer–the main idea being that an entire computer bag will pose a greater temptation than a small iPod in my purse/pocket where it can’t be seen as well. Also, I will definitely take my camera to capture my exploits!! I’m so excited!! I can access the internet with my iPod, so I will still upload posts. Just recently, I started a Flickr account where I will try to post photos. Just thought I’d mention it so everyone knows!

Lots of love!

UPDATE (28 Dec 08): I switched to a Picasa account, and have discovered how to put in links.

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