Closing in

It’s coming ever closer. I keep feeling nervous, but so excited!! I hope these ridiculous conflicts of emotions will finally calm down once I board the plane. But, with my luck, they probably won’t.

Speaking of, I’m faced with yet another interesting conundrum (if you don’t know that word, Dear Reader, you might as well look it up now because I will probably use it frequently in the coming days/weeks/etc…): I get motion sickness. I am well aware that the pharmaceutical market has invented all these “cures” for motion sickness, but I also react poorly to the side-effects caused by pills and such. So, pills and tablets are out. But here’s the thing: I also have a fear of heights. And, I have occasional claustrophobia–How on Earth will I handle the plane ride?? Consider: I cannot sit next to the window because I will fear the height, I cannot sit on the aisle seat because I won’t be able to look out a window to connect my sense of gravity and speed (which, oddly enough, helps me NOT be sick), and I cannot sit between the two seats because I will feel claustrophobic. I would sleep, but I’d be terrified that someone would steal my purse…
It figures.
Guess I’ll sleep. Maybe those barf bags can be used to calm someone who hyperventilates. I could always tie my shoes to my wrist like they did in the Great Depression. Hmm… maybe that’s overreacting a bit.
I’ll probably be fine. Yeah, that’s it. I’ll be fine.
Wow, now I’m writing to reassure myself.
Have you noticed, Dear Reader, that as I continue posting this week, my posts have gotten steadily more flustered? It kind of makes me laugh: I used to not write at all, and now I can’t go more than a couple days without imparting my thoughts on the subject…
I think I’ll spend some last minute time with my mom. I know how sorry she is that she hasn’t been able to spend lots of time with me, and I’m really going to miss her. I wish everyone could see me off–all my friends from the university, my family, my parents…but the plane leaves at 5:50 a.m. and I’m not /that/ desperate, at least, not now. Besides, everyone has things to do, like school and work.
Don’t worry, I’m still happy!
Have a wonderful evening, and keep safe!

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