The Last American Post (for a while)

Dear Readers,

Thank you for reading! I don’t know if I have many readers or few, but if you’re reading this, I’m thinking of you.

I’m certainly going to take a nap again as soon as I finish, but I wanted to write a little more. To my friends, I will miss you. To my family, I’ll miss you more. I feel an odd calm right now, almost as if I’m protected by some invisible shield.
I just wanted to mention that, abroad, my posts will probably be much shorter. I don’t know when or if I will find computers that work quickly, and as I write very much in one sitting, I don’t want to be forced to rewrite in the event of a timeout… I will take many pictures, though, and hopefully will be able to link them to my posts.
Hmm, I’ve just written a bunch of nothing. I hate it when I do that. Oh well.
Have a safe week, and enjoy the time you have!

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