¡Bienvenidos a Costa Rica!

I just wrote down a lot of stuff, but the computer deleted it.

My family is so nice! The doña always cooks, and keeps persuading me to eat. I spend much time in the kitchen talking with her because she shows me what she cooks. Yesterday, I helped make some gallopinto, which is rice and black beans mixed together. Doña Isabel sauteés onions, peppers and garlic for the gallopinto. It seems to be a common staple of the country.

Today, our group was split into smaller groups of three people and we were given a map and a list of things to do, and told to meet with them all over the capital at certain times. My group has yet to figure out how to take a bus to the LASP headquarters. We.re about to leave, but since the computer deleted my stuff, I.m trying to make up for it.

I have my own room with my host family, and they have their two granddaughters living with them right now.

They tell me that my accent is definitely not American, but a mixture, it seems between Dominican and Mexican: I drop my .s. at the end of words, but I have a Mexican lilt! Weird.

I know much more Spanish than I thought, and am able to express my ideas fairly well. It.s hard to write this in English because I have been trying to think in Spanish for the last 48 hours!!!

I will write more later!!
¡Que tengan un buen día!


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