New Family: in greater detail

My host family is so wonderful! My host mom is named Isabel, and she’s an artist. The house is full of un-hung paintings and prepared canvases, and art supplies. It looks as though she does everything she can: she works with oils, I’ve seen a few watercolor, sculptures and even mosaics. Right now, she is making a purse out of burlap sacks for her granddaughter Raquel.
My host father is very quiet, but very welcoming too. I want to get to know him better, but I always feel shy around him.
The couple has two granddaughters staying with them right now. Camila is about 8, and I think Raquel is about 14. They are very nice to me, and talk to me. The couple’s eldest sons come to the house every day to spend time with the family. I’ve been able to speak to both of them fairly well–once again, I am astounded at how well I can speak, understand, and be understood…

Isabel always asks me if I’m hungry, and gives me food to eat all the time. She jokes that she’s going to make me fat with all the rice and beans, and the bread.

There are several staples in the Costa Rican diet: one is a form of rice and beans that is called gallopinto (gah-yo peehn-tow). It generally has onions and garlic that are sauteéd in a pan before adding black beans. The Ticos (Costa Ricans) use a special sauce called by its brand name, Lizano for nearly every type of seasoning. I keep sneezing whenever I smell it. It isn’t spicy, it just makes me sneeze.
Another staple is eggs or meat. We eat a little meat with every meal, and have delicious bread all the time. For breakfast, I have eaten gallopinto, some tea, and bread. For lunch (lately, anyway. It will probably change when I start classes), I have sandwiches, and a little bit of fruit. The family I am with does not generally eat dinner, as they have a bigger midday meal. I’m trying to wean myself to fit into their lifestyle.

I love the city! There’s so much to do!
I’ll write more later!

¡Hasta luego, y que tengan buena noche!


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