Contrary to popular belief, it’s cold down here.

My group arrived during the dry season, or the Costa Rican winter. It’s more or less spring now, and the rains have started. I would say that today’s weather is about as mild as an Indiana fall, or something to that effect.

My host mother teases me about being a ranita, or a ‘little frog’ because my hands are always cold. It’s okay, I like frogs! The Ticos always wear a few shirts during this season. I’ve been wearing my coat, but not during the day so as not to stand out terribly. All of the American students I am with (those who have never been out of the country) find the weather extremely pleasant, and cannot understand why I’m always shivering.

Even though it’s the ‘dry season’ now, like I said, the rains have been coming. Yesterday, there was a constant mist that started at about 1 p.m. (Costa Rican time) and ended at about 6 p.m. It’s weather like this that makes my hair a frizz ball. I’m going to go to the farmacía to find some good anti-frizz conditioner.

Well, it’s midday here now, so we are going to almorzar, or eat lunch.
¡Hasta luego!

UPDATE 20 Jan 09:
I found something interesting today–the mist (it isn’t quite rain) is called “pelo de gato” or “cat’s fur” rain. Why? Because the rain is soft, fine (small drops), and short, like cat’s hair.


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