Yes I am. Really.

My host family is so loving to me–I joke around with my brothers Edgar and Esteban, my host father always gives me a hug, my host nieces Raquel and Camila take an interest in what I have to say and try to include me in what they’re doing. Camila has recently started reaching out to hold my hand when we walk to the store with doña Isabel, and just after lunch today, my host mom told me that every day she thanked God that I was the student he picked for her family because I’m easy to live with and quick to learn. She teased me about being able to eat nearly everything she puts in front of me (which is something new to a family who has hosted many North American students), and how I ask so politely when I’m confused.
I’m so thankful that when I drew from the family lottery that God wanted me here to be a blessing to this family. What they’ll never be able to fully understand is how much of a blessing they are to me!

By the way: Happy Valentine’s Day (or Day of Friendship in Costa Rica)!


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