Random again

Sorry, I spent my computer time catching up on Facebook. Like I said earlier, only high school to college-age students would dream of posting their personal thoughts on a wall. Seriously.

I just thought I’d shout out to my Grandma–Happy Birthday Grandma! I won’t be near a computer on your birthday, so I’ll say it now!!

Also, people go to bed way early here. That’s probably because the sun sets at (no kidding) 6 p.m. on the dot. I timed it. We’ve also had some trouble on the street perpendicular to ours–a few neighbors have been jumped. I wouldn’t mention anything, but I feel it’s fair: if you don’t read any new posts after about two weeks, you’ll know I was kidnapped. That should help you sleep soundly.

Sorry, it’s a terrible joke. However, tomorrow, I will write on Democracy, and my personal thoughts of both Solís’ lecture and the Embassy field trip.

Have a nice evening, and don’t worry, I can run really fast…


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