Grecia, Costa Rica: Part I

Well, since I wasn’t able to write about Nicaragua entirely before coming to Grecia, sorry, but I’m going to save that for later–remind me!!!

One thing I’m going to say about Grecia is this: foliage. Holy cow, I didn’t know there were that many different plants in the world, let alone one province of a country…

In San José, all the buses have only two columns of seats going from the front of the bus to the back. There are two seats in each row with an aisle down the middle (except for the very back of the bus where there are five or six seats along that far wall). Here in Grecia, it seems that every bus I’ve ridden has two columns of seats, but with three seats per row on the left side of the bus. And golly, does it get crowded.

It’s amazing the number of food possibilities that open up to you when you stop using ketchup as only a condiment and start using it as a sauce… It’s not that bad either.

Here, there seem to be two different types of salad, just like in San José. One is the salad that most northamericans are used to, the kind with lettuce. In Costa Rica, the Ticos shred raw cabbage. It gives the salad a little extra kick. Especially when topped with mayonaise and ketchup.

I would like to explain what I’m doing here in Grecia for those of you who don’t know: I am working at a local business doing whatever jobs they have for me to better practice speaking. I am actually working in a private school’s bio lab testing samples of soil from all over the world, and sending them back. My first day, the gentleman in charge of my work didn’t arrive for a long time, so I cleaned everything. Not so hard. I have classes Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the church, but work Mon, Thurs, and Fri.
My host mom is so nice! She practically begs me to eat, so I oblige…

I’ll have to write more later–I’m in an internet café and can only afford an hour at a time…
I miss you all!


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