Back to Reality


That’s all I can say. Wow.
They warned us about “reverse culture shock”. They even warned us that our newfound “truths” may scare our parents silly.

They forgot to mention, that my newfound “truths” would scare me silly.
What do I believe now? I’m still trying to figure it out. I have new views and old views on the poor, a blanket statement about economy, and I have inadvertently become very political. The thing is, I think I had many of the same views before; everything now is just an extension, or a detailed concentration of previous view holdings. Before, I was loathe to pick fights on everything I believed; now, I still don’t like it, but I have a different view of silence that I didn’t before. I’m not going to be dumb and pick fights with people on un-answerable topics, like politics, religion, and philosophy of life. I’m just not going to let others assume they can win me over. It really irks me when a person will throw out their viewpoint and then expect me to help them defend it solely because I may (or may not) support that view.
I’m a little hesitant about posting some of my beliefs here for two reasons: 1. because they are written, they can be taken out of context and used against me in ways I never meant them to be used (yeah, that hasn’t happened before…). 2. This is the internet. I can only imagine what a future boss will think when he looks up my name and finds this blog. Also, no one asked. Even though this is my blog, I would rather write about readable things. Not topics that will cause a person to give an exasperated sigh before hitting the scroll button until the topic is finished.
Anyway, I digress: Now that I’m “home”, I don’t know how I fit in. My family is overjoyed to have me (they tell me so), but I don’t feel like I belong completely. Remember in a previous post, I mentioned how I left a good half of me in Costa Rica? I feel that way especially now, now that I can no longer talk to my friends there face to face. I also happened to return as the rat race was starting the next heat–what am I going to do this summer?? Now I have to make plans to take classes, intern, get a job…the list goes on.
By the way, I hate taxes. They really ruin my happiness and sunshine.
I’ll probably keep using this outlet to “process” as it was called by LASP.
I hate “To Do” lists, too.
Have a wonderful day! To all my English-speaking Tico friends, ¡Que Dios les bendiga!

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