More Reflections

Hello, friends and family!

I didn’t realize how much of a following I had generated with my blogs until you all said something. Here I was thinking I was writing to a wall (what a concept, as my blog has ‘posts’…), and all the time I was really reaching people. What an honor.

So, I’m still adjusting, whatever that means. And I’m trying not to scare my parents silly. Honestly. The unfortunate part is that it’s becoming a full-time engagement.
Why is it that questions scare? Is it just that they face the unknown in asking, or is it more that the pressure is on to answer correctly? If I question the meaning of life, does that imply that I want to end my own, or can it be assumed that I’m purely curious?
I don’t question everything, just somethings. I’m content with not knowing. There’s a quote from John Stam on his second lecture to our class in Costa Rica that comes to my mind now:
   “Maturity is being able to live with varying degrees of security. Immaturity comes from wanting to be totally sure of everything.”
Do I agree? Well, in some way, the man has a point. Besides, how will I ever know truth if I don’t question what I hear? I said ‘truth’ with a lowercase ‘t’ because I meant it as a ‘relevant truth’. How will I ever know?
One of the things that I’ve struggled with the most (and seriously, friends, I will probably use this same term for about thirty other things I have struggled with) is the concept of right and wrong. I believe that there is a definite Right in some things, as well as there is a definite Wrong. However, there will also be cases where a rigid judgment will not suffice. Then, of course, as a young individual with a spirit, I want to find the Right because I believe it is a good, sturdy, and moral thing to do. So I study. What I find in my studies confuses me, so I will come to question both my studies, and my previously conceived notions. What I gain from this (besides Experience) is Knowledge. Allow me to expound on my views of Knowledge: Adam and Eve wanted Knowledge. What happened to them? They died.
So now, it begs the question: Is Knowledge good? Is Knowledge Right? If, as a Christian, I can believe the Bible when it said that Eve wanted to be like God, so she ate from the Tree, and gave some to Adam, causing them both to sin, it can be clearly implied that Knowledge is Wrong. However, especially in the New Testament, the entire purpose of Jesus’ sermons was Understanding. Are the two different, or virtually the same?
On a random aside: This is why I love language. Words mean things. I want to mean something when I open my mouth, or when I put my pen to paper, or when I type out a post for my blog. If I did not change something by writing, I wouldn’t do it. If I could not help direct another person’s thoughts down a different path by opening my mouth, I wouldn’t speak. I choose every word carefully, hoping that you, Dear Reader, will gain a better view of what my message is trying to convey.
These ARE really random.
Have a nice day!

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