Weathering the Weekend

So I’m feeling poetic… I thought the title was pretty darn good!

Wow! What a weekend! We had both my little sister’s graduation open house, and my little brother’s birthday party–To think that I still remember my sister way back when we were skinny little girls who played ‘dolls’ with every movable object in sight…Well, it was weird to see her graduate. And then my brother! I feel so old when I think about his age! Can it really have been this long?
Time. What a marvelous enigma to the collective human intelligence. Time has always been an awe-inspiring mystery to me. I wonder at the circle, and how I stand on the shoulders of other’s whose ‘time’ was before my own.
They say that ‘Time heals all wounds’, that ‘Time flies’ or that someone has ‘Good timing’.
I can’t wrap my mind around a force that has existed for a long time, but not forever. Consider: Time has an end. Everyone knows that. Therefore, I reason that it must also have had a beginning. What was there before Time?
So much, yet so little. Time continues to stretch, but what happens after we leave this earth? Our ‘time’ is over. It’s so little.
I’m tempted to post Hamlet’s ‘To Be or Not To Be’ speech here. Okay, click this link, why not?
It’s not that I’m feeling morbidly depressed or anything, it’s just that I’m…dumbfounded. Hamlet (although he is┬ádepressed) has somewhat of a point: Time. What happens after we have served our ‘time’ here?
I don’t know what I think, so I’ll definitely come back to this later… However, I digress. I intended to write this post about ‘Weathering the Weekend’, and how I’ve found the easiest way to get through an event or occurrence in which I’d rather not participate is to hunker down and just do it. It was like that for me this last weekend. Oh, I have nothing against helping out my siblings, it’s just that, well, it was a big hassle to do both in the same weekend. A headache I could have done without. But then again, they’ve always helped at my ‘social gatherings’ and whatnot, so I did the best I could to make theirs enjoyable as well.
I must away.
Good night!

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