NEW JOB!!!!!

Okay, so a good friend pointed out that I really haven’t written anything about my summer, so here goes (and my family is sitting down to eat, so I’ll expound more later):

I am interning with a local radio station in the downtown area. It’s a rock/jam band station, catering to the musical needs of the “invisible generation” or Generation Jones (for those of you who are still confused, “generation Jones” is the wave of children brought up by the “baby-boomers”). It’s fun; I’m learning so much about music and many things about live radio!!
My family is waiting for me, so I’ll be back after dinner!

3 thoughts on “NEW JOB!!!!!

  1. a good friend says:

    Wow… that's cool…
    Even though i have no idea what “baby-boomers” are…. so… still confused Ô_o

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