So, I finally received the journal I wrote in for the Kuna trip, and wow!! I wrote so much. There is a section where I thought up topics I wanted to write about when I got back, but because I had to turn in that journal for a grade, I forgot what the topics were until I received it again and began to look through it. That said, I’ll do my best to translate what I think I was thinking at the time… Also, I’ll probably post one a day, just so I don’t load down the family and friends who want a quick read.

Poverty– I have seen photos of people who live in houses like the Kuna with the label of “poverty” under the picture. The Kuna–they choose to live this way. This is not poverty. Also, why is it that we believe everyone needs to be as rich as we are? Although we have our riches and our privileges, we need much to maintain them. The Kunas work out of sheer necessity.
I believe I’ve already written about this (and if I say the exact same thing again, I apologize, although this is a point I feel needs to be stressed as much as possible). However, the fact remains: our greed and love of material wealth has very obviously caused the economic downfall that people in the United States are currently experiencing. Some have worked so hard for their futures, only to find it’s the present that’s falling apart; Others have worked so hard for their present, only to find they have no future. To look at it this way leaves me, Dear Reader, with only one option: our manner of thinking (that is to say, our manner of logic according to fluctuations of less stable factors like the economy and human nature) must have a flaw. Consider: If we believe that we are dealing our lives correctly in the world during this age at this time, then the world should either continue getting better, or should stay the same. If the world becomes worse off while we believe we are dealing our lives correctly, then something must be faulty with the original logic. This is how science class works. Make a hypothesis, experiment, draw a conclusion, and adjust your point of view on possibility. It’s also “Cognitive Dissonance” all over again.
I would just like to add that I am not at all against hard work. I think that working hard is a very admirable thing to do, and I wish more people did it. My point is that our balance of work and play is off. If we work to sustain a perfect lifestyle, we may never enjoy our lifestyle to the fullest. The question comes down, not to work itself, but necessity versus greed. If we work out of greed, we will never have enough. If we work out of necessity, we will always have just enough.
This is a lesson I learned from the Kunas I lived with. What an honor to be brought into their world.

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