Notes II


Skirts/dresses–I love my sarong, and I use it every day. I still believe that pants are more practical, but I like skirts. Why do women use pants to work? Was it the the women’s liberation that started this practice?

Truth be told, I can do so much in a skirt that I’ve always done wearing pants. It depends on the skirt, apparently, but they are really versatile. I can wear a casual skirt, change my shirt/blouse, and the skirt becomes business casual, or even semi-formal. Jeans can never be semi-formal–unless they are in pristine condition.
Perhaps you, Dear Reader, are familiar with the pictures of Rosie the Riveter? From what I’ve learned in U.S. History classes, the picture of a woman wearing overalls and performing a man’s job while retaining her femininity was very appealing to women who were only house-makers up to that point. Once war broke out and the States joined in, the men were off fighting, but there were still many jobs to be done. The only resource available to employers at that time were women, who were strong because they raised households; women, who were strong because they were facing a lonely future until their husbands and brothers and sons came home.
The thing with the Women’s Lib is this: the movement started (as they all do) because there was a definite need for change toward women’s rights. Before the 40s and 50s, women were primarily devoted to house care. They cleaned. They cooked. They dealt with the children. They mended. They tried to make the husband happy. They tried to keep their kids from getting spoiled. Women had a heavy time of it. However, because of this stereotype, women weren’t expected to achieve much else. Once they started working the men’s jobs, they had to change their a-line skirts for pairs of overalls. This gave them more freedom.
You know, I really like a-line skirts. I agree with why the movement started. However, I humbly submit my thoughts on feminism today: If the movement started so that women such as I could go into the world and pursue any type of education, job, office, etc. that she wanted and not be told by the society that the said activity was not suited to her gender, then if I, as a woman who believes in choice, plan to be a home-maker in this world of business, I believe I should have that choice. Feminism was not started to control the world, but to create a semblance of equality. Will we ever be “equal” with men? I doubt it. But that doesn’t mean it’s entirely impossible.
Regardless, I really like skirts. Then I can be a woman who chooses because she has the power to make a choice, and not a woman who chooses because she thinks others have made the choice for her.
Good night, dear friends!

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