Running out of sorts

This is an expression my mom uses every now and then. I don’t think it’s an actual idiom that people use around here, but my mom uses it nonetheless. I feel it very accurately describes my life from the last post to the present: AAAAHHH!!!!

Just had to clear my system. I’m great now.
Well, of the more random things I have to ponder, Dear Reader, I still have one more reflection from Kuna Island that I still haven’t shared! My apologies! Next time, I’ll try harder to keep my promises I make online. I will end up writing two posts today, if I can.
“The Village”–When we were in Granada, Nicaragua at the end of the Nica trip, two students rented the movie “The Village” by M. Night Shamalan (sp?) from the front desk of our hostel to play on the television in the lounge. This movie presented me with an interesting idea that I have seen here as well: innocence. Can it be preserved if the community is separated from the rest of the world? In the movie, the community still had some problems. Here, the Kuna say that violence does not exist on their island. This also makes me wonder about rules and laws: how much is too much? And where to personal rights come in? Should the cut-off community listen only to its own rules in order to preserve the innocence, thus negating the rules of the world completely? What about humanity? Although we often have perfect conditions in which to preserve said innocence, would it still survive? It seems to me that our choices and actions would make innocence harder to preserve.
First off, any poor unfortunate soul who has not seen M. Night Shamalan’s “The Village” needs to go right now to the nearest movie rental and rent it. Seriously. It is a thriller about a village in the middle of the woods, and everybody is afraid to go into the woods. (SPOILER) It becomes apparent that the creatures/monsters that live in the woods and terrify the people are really the elders dressed up in costume. They do this to keep the younger generation from falling back into the world. It’s fascinating. I wouldn’t ruin it like that, but I need the basis for this post, sorry. Still, go and rent it. I would buy it, but I know intellectual thrillers aren’t for everyone.
So, the Kuna and Innocence. This was a purely objective reflection; the only way to continue the discussion would be based on personal perspective rather than facts or statistics. Therefore, the question is simple: If cut off from the “world” and placed in a closed environment, would the Innocence of Humanity survive? I’ll make this harder by posing two likely paths of thought: If Humanity is inherently good, then Innocence will survive longer. And: If Humanity is inherently evil, then Innocence will not survive long at all.
I personally feel that every human is a little of both, like the whole ying and yang deal. Perhaps I am indeed an idealist, but I find it impossible to believe that even the hardest criminal in the world lacks a soft spot. It may not be big enough for anyone to reach, but it is there nonetheless.
However, once we have decided whether or not Humanity is inherently good or evil, the next question to ponder is which idea will spread faster, the good, or the evil. If, in our imaginary village, there are 7 ‘good’ people and 1 ‘evil’ person, and we have decided that good spreads faster than evil, then we can likely assume that the ‘evil’ person will, in some way, be converted after spending his life with the 7 ‘good’. Now let’s flip it: If there are 7 ‘good’ people and 1 ‘evil’ person, and we have decided that evil spreads faster than good, then we can assume that the one evil person will have infected at least more than half of the 7 ‘good’ after having spent his life with them.
More to come: Rules and their influence, and Actions vs. Reactions.

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