The Power of Choice

My dear friends, family, acquaintances, the occasional web-surfer; YOU, Dear Reader,

I would like to write on a very perplexing subject. I wanted to write this on my actual birthday, but what with activities and surprises…well, I’m sure you understand. I have recently come of age. And so the obvious question: What do I choose as my lifestyle?
I’ve had many mixed reviews over the course of my birthday, some urging me to try alcohol and such while others warn me against it. Some tell me that these were the best years of their lives, while others caution me about having too much fun. It would be easy to say I would rather choose the path straight down the middle, but then it begs the question: where is the middle? However, this is my time to choose; the Power of Choice stays with me.
What a funny thing Choice is. We can often dress it up to look as though we had nothing to do with it. It still remains our Choice. Right now, I feel that there are so many Choices, but my mom assures me the most pressing to me at this moment will all dissipate in a few years, only to be replaced with other choices.
Sometimes, I hate choices. I dislike that either way I choose, I may let someone down, or lower their expectations of me. I’m a people-pleaser. However, I’m learning more and more that as infrequently as I make choices for myself, it allows someone else to take over a little part of my life. Perhaps, if I feel pressured in any way at all, it’s because I’ve let so many other people have a say in what I do. If I don’t take responsibility for my actions, then someone else will be blamed for them. Why should I surrender my entire life over to other people just to avoid making choices??
The greatest thing about turning 21 is that I am no longer limited to certain things because of my age. If I am ever out with friends, I can take responsibility for my actions in choosing to accept a drink, or choosing to deny it. For the most part, I will enjoy knowing I can choose whichever option I want. I have that power, that Choice.
I say it is a Power; well, it is! And yet, think of all the choices I have made in a day without giving them a second thought! Some people try to use other “influencing” factors to get out of making even the smallest choices, while others will use (or sometimes, overuse) those same influencing factors to get what they want out of life.
Here’s what I see about choice: depending on the day, the hour, and general daily energy of a person, Choice is one part logic to two parts emotion, to one part reflex. Even the most logical person has some hidden meaning behind his decision, especially if the deciding factor triggers a past triumph or failure. Equally, in decision-making, emotion and reflex are almost completely attached to one another, and thus vary the most in this equation.
I have the Power, the Power to Choose. No one can tell me what I will choose. They can tell me how they would choose, and they can tell what they think I should choose, but I still actually choose in the end. What a gift!
I will write more on this later because this post is long enough!
Good night!

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