The Power of Choice vs. Happenstance

Happy September, everyone! I hope this post finds you well into the swing of things, what with schools and all.

I like the word “happenstance”. It’s a good blend of “to happen” and “instance”.
Today, I am a victim of “happenstance”: I am in bed with a fever of 100ºF because I failed to close my bedroom windows when the temperature dropped to 40º a couple nights ago. Now I’m coughing up my lungs (and vast quantities of phlegm), I have a headache, and my nose is running a marathon…
I have been told before that I am a “morbidly optimistic person”. I think that’s a good thing. Of course, it depends on how it is said, whether applied gently, or thrown out. Regardless, I tend to see the positive in any given situation I am put in. It isn’t always something I have to constantly remind myself of, but often a reflex action to the negativity around me. Sometimes, of course, it is very hard for me to be my positive self. In fact, sometimes, I absolutely resent seeing that same joy in other people.
I really don’t like being sick–it’s terrible! My mom confines me to a diet of toast and tea (which doesn’t ever fill me like real food), and I have to lie still for large amounts of time. I could be doing something in that time!!! Today, I had such a headache and sensitivity to light, however, that I wouldn’t have been able to do much. Taking a nap has had the greatest effect on me.
The Power of Choice vs. Happenstance comes down to this: What do I choose when things are beyond my control? I left my windows barely open–just to catch a slight breeze–and I got sick. I can’t stop my body from getting a fever, just as I can’t physically stop my head from aching or my nose from running. I cannot choose to be better at all (trust me, I’ve already tried). I just have to wait it out, and continue taking Ibuprofen for my headache. While I wait it out, it does no good to complain in a loud voice my trouble. No one else can help me.
Therefore, I choose to be positive, Dear Reader. I choose to rest and take it easy so that I get well before I have to move back on campus.
And of all things, I really hope my voice comes back because it’s weird ringing a bell every time I want something I can’t get myself…
Have a wonderful day!!

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