Laziness vs. Willingness

Today, it is raining. I don’t mind; I like the rain when it’s warm. But, I’ve noticed how the weather often affects my humor. And I say “humor” instead of “mood” or “emotions” because “humor” to me encapsulates my attitude, my state of mind, my emotional flux, and my aspirations.

Therefore, today my humor is a melancholy one. I am of a “happy” emotion; I am of a “thoughtful” state of mind, and today I have to force myself to stay focused.
I tried my best this morning, taking my new 12-speed bicycle around campus before it started pouring. Guess who left her umbrella in her room at home?
On days like today, I like to wake up early (which is weird for me) and take a hot shower while singing love songs at the top of my lungs. Then I like to settle into a corner by a heating unit of some sort, and read to my heart’s content. I will often doze off during reading, relaxed by the sound the rain makes against my window. In essence, I wake up early to do…nothing.
I like doing nothing. It’s comforting.
See?? See how hard it is for me to focus?? This is the most disjointed blog I’ve written for a while!! As I sit at my computer, drying off, my mind keeps taking flight on the most random of fantastical journeys. Even watching my goldfish swim around in his jar choking on leftover bits of his breakfast (it’s really kind of funny because he swallows them, chokes, and they come out his gills) is cause for me to become lost in thought.
I don’t consider days like today “lazy” necessarily, just “relaxed”. I am willing to do my work and get things done, but it’s really hard. The reason why I’m writing a post at all is because I have done everything I can up to this time. I’m going to chase people down for interviews come 1:30 because I can be sure that they’ll all be in their offices again.
And I’m getting better at riding my bike. I’m still afraid that I’m going to run over a freshman, especially since I don’t know what the rules are for bicycles on the campus grounds. I remember always jumping out of the way, so I think I’m allowed to cycle on the sidewalks. The streets go nowhere, so they’re out.
Regardless, have a wonderfully raining day!

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