Remember Our Fallen Heroes

Dear Readers,

Today is a special, somber day. Today, eight years ago, many thousands of citizens lost their lives in a terrible act of terrorism. Today, eight years ago, the World’s eyes were opened to a different view, as commercial 747s were purposely flown into two of the Western world’s most influential buildings. Today is the day of Our Fallen Heroes, the day of 9-11.
You were there, weren’t you, on the day the towers fell?
You surely saw, didn’t you, the victims who jumped to their death rather than be crushed by the upper floors?
With out a doubt, you too stared at your TV screen in shock, repeating “Oh my God.”
When the people let out a great roar at the atrocities committed today, eight years ago, you let your voice be heard as well, didn’t you?
As the rubble was cleared, you too were praying for just one more survivor, weren’t you?
I was.
Every year, I wonder if people will remember, or if they will go on with their lives as if nothing had happened. Every successive year, I find that I am disappointed. I agree with what I said last year in the post “Reflections“.
Crying won’t bring back those lost to us. But ignoring such a sacrifice won’t allow them to live on either.
Whether we had someone close to us, someone far from us, someone we liked, someone we disliked, someone we respected, someone we feared, someone we had never even lain eyes on, we all saw the planes. We all saw the towers cave in on themselves. We all saw the fires. We all saw the jumpers. We all saw what happened.
If anyone of us holds any life at all dear, let us remember the lives taken from us, and the lives given to prevent more lives being taken. Let us remember the brave firemen, the tenacious policemen, the absolutely admirable citizens like Todd Beamer and others. Let us honor them. Let us Remember Our Fallen Heroes.
It doesn’t matter if we agreed with what happened or not. The fact that human lives were lost and their blood spilt because of a difference in politics or religion or thought is a crime unto itself.
God bless the families of those lost.
God bless the families of those taken.
God bless those who are fighting against such crimes.
God bless those who try to protect us.
And God help us not to forget them.
Good night.

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