Entering Adulthood

School has officially started up again. I am taking 14 credit hours which (for some unknown reason) translates to only three classes. Actually, it’s four, but one is an online class.

One of my misgiving upon returning to the same university after my semester abroad, was whether or not I would be accepted by the same people, or even come to acknowledge the same group or the same thoughts. Part of entering “adulthood” is supposed to be about finding my place in the world.
Right now, I am absolutely, 100%, completely, positively happy to be me. I feel better about myself enough that I don’t mind if the same people I knew before don’t accept some of my changes. I feel confident enough that I don’t need their approval in the same way I did before. Going to another country again when I could understand the physical, social, philosophical and cultural ideas better has really improved my outlook on life. I had jitters earlier about not having the “right” ideas. It’s okay now.
I mentioned in an earlier post about how I wasn’t going to be dumb enough to post ALL of my personal thoughts online. Neither was I going to pick fights with others about unanswerable topics of religion and politics. I am just going to believe what I believe, as I plan to let others believe what they believe.
I still think that there is an absolute Truth, just as much as I believe there are relevant “truths”.
I am still the push-over I was last year except for one difference: I am no longer a welcome mat. If a friend says X to me and expects me to take their opinion solely because they believe they are right, I will listen to their ideas, but I will not allow them to force me into an acceptance of X. In fact, I may just listen, accept their argument, but continue believing Y. I have a right to do that.
I’m finally getting the next piece to the puzzle of my life. I am starting to understand my boundaries and the boundaries of others. I am beginning to take into account something different.
It’s weird self-analyzing all the time.
I must get to class!!
Have a wonderful day!

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