October Thoughts

Happy October!!!

It is now 5 p.m., and I am sitting in my dorm room while I write this. It has been raining all day, the sky is overcast, and my toes are cold. The wind is blowing outside; I see the large tree out our window dropping acorns like little bombs. My roommate is sleeping, and has turned out all the lights in the room except for my desk light. Ahh, Fall is here!
The leaves have been turning colors, and have been falling to the ground. Riding my bicycle has become (more) dangerous because of wet leaves and random bits of bark and acorns.
What is today? It is the second of October–what a day!! Why is this day special? Because I am alive today. It is special because I woke up and I could breathe today. It is special because I was able to bring joy to someone today. It is special because it has been made special.
Isn’t that a thought? That this day is special just because it has been made that way? Why do we go through days one at a time? Because each one is special.
People often ask me my favorite time of year, and expect (I don’t blame them in the slightest) that I will answer with “Summer!” But I’m not sure that it is. I like summer because summer is hot and gives me an excuse to spend time out-of-doors. But I also like winter because winter is pure and crisp, and when the snow falls like a thick blanket, the moonlight reflects off it at nighttime. I love winter. What about spring? Spring is wet and new; tiny seeds planted begin to take root and grow into flowers. Trees bud and flower, and everything with breath sings because winter is finally over.
This is Fall. Fall is clear, chilling air rushing down my throat; the smell of burning leaves, the colors of scarves, knit hats, and boots. Fall is miniature acorn bombs, and chattering squirrels.
Each season is special to me for its own individual reason. Liking all the seasons does not make any of them “the same as the others”, just as liking the majority of people I meet makes each individual “un-special”. I have been given the grace, and the gift, to see the Beauty of life, and to cherish it; the least I can do is tell others.
This day has no political, economical, societal, religious or theological significance (as far as I know). This is the day that the Lord has made; I will rejoice and be glad in it.
Have a wonderfully special Ordinary Day!

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