Again, I ask you, Dear Reader: when is a “level” of maturity achieved? Is this even possible? To complete a “level” of maturity? As beings, is it not true that we constantly grow? How then is it conceivable to reach any “level” whatever it may be?

“Levels” have thus been devised my mankind to measure itself and the world it perceives. Disagree? How many things can you, Dear Reader, name with its stages? Even the alphabet is leveled; we have the first letter, and the last letter.
If it had been given a conscience, would a caterpillar know it was changing inside its cocoon? With out ever having seen itself before, would it know?
Like a fish has no notion of being wet, so a desert has no notion of being dry. And yet, a tadpole will know both worlds, seeing as it starts in water and ends on land.
Metamorphosis: a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one, by natural or supernatural means.
I’m a very passive person–to a point. I would much rather mediate a conflict with peace and honesty than I would argue my views and insist on my accuracy of fact. That said, I will speak up when I know I am right. I try not to do this all the time; no one likes a know-it-all.
I will speak up, and I will (quietly) firmly hold to my position. I believe a conflict is never “won” by the loudest combatant, and so I will give my views, but then allow others to give theirs. I don’t like arguing opinions.
There is a Right, and there is a Wrong. This is not my opinion, it is fact. Just as there is light and there is dark, so there is a Right and a Wrong. We may put different things under these headings, but they remain opposites.
If we believe that there is no such thing as Right and Wrong, we fall prey to the worst kind of laziness called un-accountability, which allows us to do everything we want, whenever we want, without regard to any type of moderation. Moderation is key: I love sugar. I love candy. If I were able to eat candy all day long, and as much of it as I wanted, would it make me a better being? No, but I would have some nasty cavities to fill. Too much of a Good thing is always Bad. Therefore, there must be a Right and a Wrong way to enjoy the Good things of life.
If everything is left to opinion, Dear Reader, we allow others to mistreat us, insisting that the actions are a result of “his opinion” or “his upbringing”, when in reality, “his” actions are Wrong. The idea that any one “opinion” is not more important than others’ allows us all to develop great capacity for apathy. What is the point of arguing if, according to opinions, we’re both Right? That said, why should we allow ourselves to be doormats for the sake of a personal view of humanity?
If humanity is inherently good, why don’t we always do Good? Why do we know there is a Right and a Wrong? What is it about human law that separates us from animals? We may have instincts, true, but we can also act against our “instincts”. What then? Do we blame the society and environment? If we blame the surroundings for causing our choices, we are not helping the problem, but furthering it! If I do not have the Power of Choice, Dear Reader, I am not human, but an animal with nothing more than instincts it cannot disobey. Such a view surely does not encourage civility, but dehumanization.
If all the creatures of Earth have evolved, and the highest form of evolution is Man, and Man’s thoughts are not nearly his own but a random collocation of atoms, what makes Man greater than Beasts? What allows Man to act against his “instinct”? And further, what claim has Man over any basis of Fact, Truth, or Authority? If he is merely random, could he not also have developed improperly? What merit has he to say that we all came from one simple life form and not from another? What gives him authority to talk on Right and Wrong? Nothing. His words are meaningless strings of phonetic sounds, intended for intelligence, but ending in stupidity.
I ask again: when is a level of maturity reached? When have we changed? Do we know when we’re changing?
Like all beautiful butterflies, we must first change from worms.

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