What to say?

No sé que decir.

I don’t know what to say.

Is it better to speak without a voice, or remain tactfully silent?
Sería mejor? Would it be better?
Today I am tired, but able to switch languages without thinking. I, who am now fluent in two different languages can find nothing of importance to say. What good then, is my knowledge? If I cannot affect change, incite a revolution, persuade peers, or even defend my knowledge on the basis of reason within the confines of the two languages I possess, how will I ever find a voice to give a voice to others?
What makes a good leader?
Is it passion? Is it courage? Is it willingness? Is it servitude?
Of these qualities I possess ample supply. How then do I restrict myself from leading? I have things to say, people to lift up and encourage, peers to serve; what makes me hold back?
What to say?
What not to say?
Do I even want to lead?
No. I don’t. I want to empower.
What to say?
I have nothing to say, and yet, everything in the world. It is important that I stress this.
I hope that I can use my my talents, my passions, my courage, my willingness, my service for others. To empower. To encourage.

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