The Eye of the Storm

Hello, Dear Reader(s). I apologize for my silence; you wouldn’t believe the enormous list of accomplishments I have effected within the last month and a half. Also, as I believe I’ve mentioned, I try not to bore you with redundant recaps of my day (“in a nutshell,” as they say) or with general topics of life that have little or no bearing on my current state of thought. However, here I am, trying to get through a mammoth amount of homework, and of course, I couldn’t concentrate. So, let’s see:

Happy New Year’s Eve!! I hope it was wonderful!
Happy New Year’s Day!! I hope it was anticipated…
Happy Palindrome Day (Jan. 2, 2010)!!
Happy Math Addition Date (9 Jan. 10)!
Happy 1 year Anniversary of Costa Rica (13 Jan. 10)!
Happy February (1 February)!
Happy Groundhog Day!!
Happy Half-Birthday (2 Feb)!
Happy Math Addition Date (8 Feb. 10)!!
Happy Valentine’s/Friendship Day!
There. I’m glad I got that off my chest!
I seem to be in the eye of the storm. I’ve had a whirlwind of activities before this week (the greatest of which caused it nearly impossible to complete my homework), and I’m just waiting for my life to be drowningly busy again. Sometimes, Dear Reader, I just can’t figure myself out! Do I want peace and quiet? Do I want lots of free time? Do I want to be involved? Do I want to spend the majority of my time with others? Which is it?? I cannot attempt all these options at once…
Oh the Power of Choice! Blessed as I am with it, I am also able to abuse it to the fullest. It is devestatingly hard for me to say ‘No’ to a group or person. If I am outright asked to be a part of a group, I try to make up an excuse of how I really am too busy right now to join. I’ve been able to ward the vast majority off, but some groups are so persistent! It’s such a blessing to have this free time now, but just as much a burden–there are tasks which require completion, and here I am, unable to concentrate and instead writing a blog. Motivation is not the obstacle; the obstacle is fatigue. I have been running on adrenaline of the next big event in my life, jumping from one lilypad of happenings to another. I have had very little respite since the beginning of January, and am still expected to make lightening fast turnarounds.
I should probably just take a nap. Clearly, I will be unable to function to my fullest capacity until I do so. However, I have such a laundry list of To Do items, I wonder that I’ll get a nap at all today.
Sigh. The Eye of the Storm is an interesting place to be. You can see the flurry that you’ve come through, and you can see the flurry that’s ahead. I guess all I can do is weather the storm…

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