Around the Bend

What can I say, my friends?

It has been so long since our last conversation. Why is it that whenever I draw close to people, I find their goodness for so short a time before we are rent apart again?
The missions trip to Louisiana was an experience, to say the least. I invested of my time in the other group members and in the members of the community we were serving. What a release, to serve others so selflessly.
I’ve heard tell of the 5 Love languages. It’s an interesting concept, though I must say, after reading some of the material, I certainly would not have guessed that I express love in acts of kindness. It makes sense now I stop to think on it, but two weeks ago? I’m not sure.
Odd (isn’t it?), that cleaning a church bathroom, or setting up chairs, or sorting donated clothes could be considered acts of love. Odd that sitting with young girls at a table for dinner and just having a conversation is an act of love. Or trying a little bit of every home-cooked dish, thinking “Vegetarianism be darned!”
I’m back at the Arbor now and am especially tuned in to how I perceive–and give–love. It’s nearly the end of the year. Have I made lasting relationships? Have I treated people as though they are individual beings and not just bodies? If I am able to see to the depths of others, what good is it to waste on frivolous relationships? On the other hand, how can I commit to so large a crowd?
I have striven for love this year, especially after returning from Costa Rica. Have I showed others that love I’ve discovered? I think I have. Actually, I certainly think I’ve tried. Perhaps this is the depth of my heart: in having one conversation, I will love a friend.
We are all about to separate. Why are we allowed so few moments in which we can truly connect?
What can I say, my friends? I have spent the last few weeks catching up on homework and loving people. Shall I be faulted in that?
I shall try to write soon. Have a wonderful evening.

2 thoughts on “Around the Bend

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