Running hard

Dear friends,

I am in the process of completing my résumé. For the fifth time, if I have the score correct. Unfortunately, I have been unsuccessful in my endeavors to find a paying job; college students are greater in supply than in demand. No matter, I will press on.
The biggest down-turn in this unemployment is that I have begun to take it rather personally. I know I shouldn’t; I have a mom already, you know. But nonetheless, I have begun to feel rather… superfluous. Frustrating.
Why do I short-change myself? Is this an attempt at humility?
Have you noticed, Dear Reader, that there is a definable difference between humility and low self-esteem? I’ll explain as best I can:
Humble people will be the first to thank you, and the last to say that they simply ‘cannot’. They understand the limits of their abilities and skills, and the believe they are not any less important than the fellow beside them, nor any more important. Humble people are what some call “down-to-earth”.
In contrast, people with low self-esteem are among the first to thank you, and the first to say that they simply “cannot”. While they recognize their limits, people with low self-esteem will allow themselves to be compared to peers. These people make limits for themselves; they don’t bridge them very often. A person with low self-esteem will make herself the butt of jokes, aimed at making light of her short-comings. While cleverly disguised as humor, it is a painful reminder of her inadequacy.
Hmm. I’ve given a more detailed description for a person with low self-esteem, I’m afraid. But wait, humble people seldom talk about themselves and are universally known for being “simple” to explain.
Well, regardless, Dear Reader, I have been working to keep my fears and self-doubt at bay. Because I know what a difference a small bit of encouragement can make. Please remember your friends and acquaintances, and remember to encourage them too. Hard times have always been made easier when two or more share the load.
Until next time,
Have a wonderful Monday.

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