A new Beginning

Well, I’ve had a summer…

I’m all excited for the Pulse to start up again!
Dear Reader,
I am making a Beginning Anew promise: I want to blog more. If I consider myself a writer, shouldn’t I write? I do, actually, just in pen and paper…
My world is so vivid and subjective. It moves, it grows, it contracts. How can a mind comprehend all there is in a single perspective? How much less can a mind comprehend all there is in several perspectives?
I feel small, but not insignificant. If I am made for a purpose, then I must accomplish that purpose sometime in my life. If I attempt this endeavor wholeheartedly, then I will accomplish everything I was meant to. If I attempt this endeavor without fervor, then I will only accomplish a portion of what I was meant to. Therefore, I was made for a purpose, and I must attempt that purpose wholeheartedly.
With such an ocean of expectation, it is easy to feel lost, isn’t it, Dear Reader?
Remember my post on choice? I have as much a choice to be successful and to thus, fulfill my purpose. If I had no purpose, why would I exist? Everything has a purpose–even paintings are made to supply income or just as a hobby. The best course of action is to make a flexible plan, and try to follow it. By “flexible”, think “willow tree” vs. “oak tree”.
I intend to choose. I intend to give. I intend to discover, and I intend to live.
Have a happy Sunday!

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