Hello again, Dear Reader. I hope you are doing well.

As for myself, I am caught between everyone else’s schedules, and in danger of severe breaking, in part due to bending over backwards. I’m not the best planner. That’s just the simple truth of it. I can plan my hour; I can plan my day; I can plan my month, but I just cannot plan several months or a year in advance. The organizational complexities of such an endeavor elude me. And yet, I try very hard to plan things in advance, knowing that no matter the backups, my plans will blow up in my face.
I want so much for this year to go well. I won’t even ask for smoothly, or quickly. I just want it to go well. I want to get my credits in and graduate from college. I want to set up a system for our student publication that can be executed after my graduation, and most of all, I want to get married. I want to be able to have a wedding on a budget, but still feel like I wasn’t missing out. It’s only a day, after all, but the effects will last for my lifetime.
I want to spend time with people I may never see again.
I want to help a friend who needs it.
I want to learn from a stranger what he thinks about the world.
I want to write a book.
I want to write more poetry.
And here I am, stuck between schedules, and government grants, and too few credits, and student bills.
How hard it is to have such big dreams, and so little movement. To know and see clearly what I want, only to turn down the path of what I must do.
I always survive. I’m tired of surviving; I want to live.
Dear Reader, are you shackled too? Perhaps if you can make it, we both can make it. It is better to learn our weaknesses and deal with them, than turning away and hiding. Carpe diem!
May you overcome,
Have a productive Wednesday.

One thought on “STRESS!!

  1. The complexities of life can often be enough to cause one to ask the question “Is all of the challenge and seemingly inevitable disappointment worth facing?” and I answer that with a resounding “YES”. Psalm 34:1-8 is a pleasant reminder of the power that can be found in praising and seeking God's counsel. I pray that you taste and see that he is good this year. I've been at a similar place and have always found that the salve of God's word breaks me out of my fears. May this note of encouragement provide you with the same support.


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