Luck, and the lack thereof

Hello again, Dear Readers!

Have you ever found you are luckiest at your most unlucky? When everything goes wrong, but–for whatever reason–turns in your best favor at the culmination of unluckiness?
The strangest thing about “finding the silver lining” as they say, is not so much the grey-ness of the clouds, the looming forbearance, or even the rain puddles; it’s the “finding” that’s so strange. Consider: If the silver lining is invisible/ignored by all except those who seek it, so then are good details lost in a sea of unlucky sequence by all except those who choose to find it.
It is not unknown that I think happiness a choice–how else does one keep faith and fortitude when there is none to be had? He must choose to have faith, and choose to stay strong!–and therefore is completely independent of luck, or the lack thereof.
If I have an “off” day, then I am unlucky.
If I am unlucky, then my best efforts will be in vain.
If my best efforts are in vain, then I have cause to be unhappy.
If I have cause to be unhappy, I have no reason for “silver lining”.
Notice I said “cause” not “right” to be unhappy. However:
If I look for silver lining, then I have hope.
If I have hope, my failures won’t seem so bad.
If my failures don’t seem so bad, I have cause to be happy.
Here is a list of my Silver Linings for the day:
1) Class schedule a mess: at least I’m still in school!
2) I straightened my hair today, so of course, it rained
3) I dressed up today, it still rained
4) I wore my glasses today. It rained.
5) I rode my bike. Rain.
6) I came back to my room, and despite the rain, I had a good laugh with my roommates about the Michigan weather before I wrote this post.
The funny thing is, it’s not so bad that I had to practically change my outfit because I was soaked through–in fact, it made me laugh. Here I was, wearing my glasses, on my bicycle, with newly straightened hair and all dressed up, in the middle of a torrential downpour… What a sight I must have been! When I finally caught a mirror, the reflection reminded me of a wet cat. Cats don’t like wet.
Why should I worry about the weather? Why should I stress about things beyond my control? I shouldn’t. That’s the plain and simple of it. I shouldn’t.
Have a stress-free Thursday, Dear Reader!

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