Hello again, World. It wouldn’t be life if there weren’t chances to pick ourselves up and start over…

With the new theme in this blog, and my desire to write, hopefully, my thoughts can last a little longer. I’ve imported all the posts from my old blog,, and have now separated posts from that blog, and previous posts from this blog with Categories and Tags. As some of you may have noticed, Categories from my thought-isms blog have become Tags on this blog. Every post earlier than this has been separated by “College” and “Semester Abroad”. I’m making a new Category called “Married,” which will refer to my life here in Bloomington, IN as a married woman and–in some cases–as a minority in the city.

This new blog theme allows me greater freedom than my old theme, and–let’s be honest–I have a few years of this under my belt now; I should be readable at least…

Still, I intend to write about my life (as if anyone could write about something other than…) my hopes, dreams, laughter, failures, stresses, and prayers.

Yes, you read that right: prayers.

Because I hope to be honest in everything I write, I won’t conceal my religious beliefs. I certainly will not force anyone to read them, and I likely won’t go on and on about it, but faith is important to me–it is the lens through which I view and analyze the world. I would rather have a calm and genuinely curious conversation with someone, than enter into a bickering contest with each trying in vain to convince the other.

Therefore, you, Reader, are welcome to disagree with me, provided that you do so calmly, and with the intention of finding the Truth. I do not want to be caught in any vindictive trap, and I do not want to trap anyone, either. I reserve the right to delete comments from this blog that are degrading to me, or any other person who comments here.

My journey for Truth is never-ending. I hope you’ll join me.


2 thoughts on “Renewal

  1. Hi Eimile, glad you approve! I’ve been wanting to for a while, but–like my book–I’ll never get to “someday” unless I start now… : )

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