Discussion Part II: Tolerance

Are those who preach tolerance truly qualified to determine it? How did they acquire that authority? Why do they have it as opposed to others?

Yesterday, we discussed how a supposedly “tolerant” group was vehemently against others they deemed “racist”. It is important to note here, that the racist group held a rally and was protested by other members of campus. The report of this was in the student newspaper, about the anger and wrathful crowd that came to protest what they saw as “intolerance.”

The second thing that bothers me with the ideal of tolerance is that it is entirely subjective to a particular group of people. I do not mean to offend anyone here, but I must be plain:

Why is it that only some beliefs are accepted by “tolerant” people, while others are protested? If I am a member of the community with a minority belief, why is it so hard to be heard? Is it because of what I believe? Isn’t that biased?

I ask if what I believe in important in acceptance by all, because–truly–I’m confused. For a campus that glorifies “Sexploration” and “discovering oneself” and “breaking out of the nest”, it can seem as though the goal is to throw down every possible ideal…held by parents. Or families with more conservative values. Would the racist group be accepted if they held to the above themes–more than likely. But if they hold a belief that in any way condemns or excludes other beliefs, they are not allowed? What happened to democracy?

Again, allow me to clarify: I do not side with the racist group. I am simply trying to point out the futility of claiming “tolerance” while being vehemently opposed to any particular person or organization. It just doesn’t make sense.

UNLESS…we clarify a guideline for all. But that would be admitting an overarching Truth, and I’m not ready to go there yet.

I am confused why only some ideals are held in the “tolerance” bubble, while others are thrown out. I’m wondering who gets to decide what is truly “tolerant”, and why anyone who disagrees is black-listed. I don’t understand why tolerance is so utterly subjective.


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