And counting…

Today marks the three-year anniversary of my marriage to the wonderful Matthew Schnaars. In the spirit of reflection, I intend to spend my day working to better myself.

Sadly, a young married woman is a rarity in Bloomington. I have endured leading questions about my age, my beliefs, and even my intelligence. Exactly how does one answer “You’re too young to be married”? Does marriage suddenly get perfect after 40? If my observation has taught me anything, a “perfect” marriage is often anything but.

Therefore, instead of insisting my marriage is perfect, I would rather assume that I, personally, have room for improvement. How could I work to become a more loving and caring wife? How can I find ways to express this love and devotion to my husband?

In my humble opinion, the benefit of my marriage is taken directly from my refusal to live with (or become intimate with) my now husband before marriage. Trials always end, but a commitment lasts as long as necessary. If I look toward love and marriage as something that may pass away on its own, I’m less likely to take an active interest in preserving it–and preservation is possible, I’ve seen it. Because I waited, I am now closer to my husband emotionally, than I might have been if I expected the relationship to end on its own.

My husband told me to wear a nice dress tonight so he can take me to dinner. What a lucky wife I am! Knowing that I don’t deserve his love, but he gives it to me anyway is a beautiful and precious thing. How could I not work to be a better wife? I pray this next year will bring us closer, so we can honor our God and each other through our love.


2 thoughts on “And counting…

  1. Happy Anniversary!
    I have a question – in the 4th paragraph, 1st sentence, do you mean before getting married? I was a little confused there. I am assuming you waited before marriage and that is wonderful (and rare).
    Enjoy your time out with your husband!

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