Hello again, World. It’s been a while.

Here’s an update on my life since I last wrote:

My husband is pursuing his Master’s degree in Musicology at Indiana University. We still have two cats. I am about to get a new job. We’ve made more time for reading (updates soon), and life is getting busier.

I’d like to share a personal fault that I’ve noticed: I think I’m kind of…cheap. When it comes to things, I look at them in terms of how much they cost. Without meaning to, I’m sure I’ve made other people feel bad (or worse, have forced their pity) when they suggest something that I can’t do because I simply have no budget for it.

Let me be straight–It’s very hard to live on a shoestring.

Two years ago, we were gearing up to get me a laptop with money we had carefully scrimped and saved. Then, we filed our taxes, and suddenly found that we could no longer afford my laptop. It happens, right? We recently purchased a desktop computer for a fraction of the cost we were saving and found a decent computer desk at the IU Surplus store for $10.

You see? You see how I think of things in terms of their cost?

I’m not saying it’s bad to be frugal, because–truly–how many of us can actually afford to throw our money around? However, there is surely a difference between being frugal and being cheap. Surely, there is…

Otherwise, I will need to admit that I’m a very materialistic person. Why else would I fixate on the cost of things?

The point is, why do I worry about this? It’s not that I’m trying to “be responsible” or “[insert grown-up term here],” but that money is constantly on my mind. Why do I worry? What can I do by worrying? Do I solve my problems? Do I feel better?

No. No I don’t.

Here’s a piece of advice I’m going to work on for the next week: Stop it!

I have no reason to worry. Every time we’ve gotten close to an edge, we’ve always been taken care of. Always. I have absolutely NO grounds for my worry. So I’m going to stop. Honest.

Put it in perspective, Reader. I hope you have less worrying in your week, too.


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