Hello again. Today, I would like to discuss my time–or in some cases, the lack thereof. How confusing, to feel like I have lots of time, but be unable to actually use it.

When looking at our schedule for the fall semester, my husband and I discussed his study needs, our volunteering opportunities and possible outliers, like concerts or operas. It looked like we had time.

Then, the semester started.

Our once-empty spaces became filled with study and with volunteering. Completely flabbergasted, we looked at our schedule again to consider dropping something, anything, and found that we couldn’t justify one over the other. So, we’re going to continue.

It seems like we forgot to log in the little things, like travel time. If, when penciling in an appointment, we also included how long it would take to get there by the local bus system, by car, or by walking, maybe we would see how busy we are. And yet, I don’t really want to spend the time trying to calculate that; I have better uses for my time. Truly, I do.

Here I am on lunch break (this will be posted after) with an hour to myself to do nothing.

Sigh. I know that it’s good to rest, but rest doesn’t always seem to come when I expect it to.

Maybe, I need to learn more flexibility, to be more open to change; to be less expectant of things that aren’t really stable anyway. Surely, that’s a start. With so many things that can go wrong in a day, it’s silly to think I could control any of them.

All right. I’m going to spend the next week learning more about flexibility as I go through my various activities and events. If we take the time that’s given to us, we won’t miss it by being indecisive. It’s better to have a goal than to float aimlessly. Hopefully, you agree, Dear Reader.

See you next week.


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