I must say, that I disagree with quite a few things. That’s how it goes, I guess, that I have my own opinions and reasons for them that bolster my position. In particular, I disagree with “equality” of the sexes.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you may have clicked the “more” link so you can hear me out. Thank you; I will try to be brief.

Why did the Women’s Suffrage start? According to many sources, Suffragists mainly wanted the right to vote. Women wanted to be as valued as male voters; they wanted to be taken seriously as thinking and contributing members of society. Obviously, the best way to prove their worth was to obtain the same basic rights as men. With this, I absolutely agree.

Here in Bloomington, we find a hotbed of opinions, ideals, and plain naivete. Though it can seem tiring, such viewpoints are not unique to this college town. Every college town believes it knows much better than the state around it. But I digress…

A lot of people (without naming anyone) believe that there is no difference between men and women, or–to put it another way–they believe that women are no different from men. This belief is used to wage war for wages and stir up sympathy from sycophants. The problem is, there are differences.

Why else would it be such an injustice to hear of a tyrant, a stronger man who controls and belittles those under him? Even if some say, “That’s the way it goes,” does it follow that such behavior is right? By no means! Whenever we hear terrible stories about victims, the stories tell us of an unfair shift in power. If the balance shifts, the two opposing parties are no longer equal, but different.

Yes, there are many similarities between men and women. We each have the same number of heads, bodies, arms, legs, etc. that–excepting people who are born without some of these–prove we are all members of the human race. We each have an emotional side and a mental side–things that cannot be empirically measured, and we have the right of human dignity.


But we are not the same. We are different. This is not a bad thing.

If we leave it as we’re born, we are born male and female. We have equal right to live, but we do not have equal strengths, weaknesses, abilities or disabilities. This means that while we are all human, we must still acknowledge the differences between us as humans. As a woman, I should not strive to be “like a man,” but more “like a woman.” Doing so is fully within my rights, capabilities and persuasion.

Seek out Truth, and separate it.


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