When I think of fire, I think of a voracious appetite, a non-quenched burn, an indiscriminate destruction. Although fire can be harnessed for good purposes, left unchecked, it decimates.

Dear Reader, what terrible tragedies happen in this day and age! I wrote in a previous post, Curious, about how I choose to give everyone the benefit of the doubt while still understanding how capable we are of atrocity.

I say ‘we’, Reader. I mean that I am just as capable as you are.

Ultimately, Evil is destructive. No matter where we find it, it destroys. Like fire it rages unchecked, and like fire, it destroys indiscriminately. We are still trying to figure out who was killed in the Paris attacks; we already know about how many. People, animals, innocent and guilty–none of this was considered in the attacks; the goal was a number.

Reader, this is a hard question, but one you need to answer for yourself: what is the measure of a person? Are we just bodies, or is there something more that gives us anima? If we are just bodies, then the body count after a terrorist attack does what it is supposed to, and counts the bodies. However, anyone who deals with people on a regular basis must eventually decide if the bodies were worth something precious before they died. If they were, than the act of destroying them is a heinous evil.

Who can add anima to anything? If we cannot add it, then we surely have no control over it–our only control is destruction.

If this is how ISIS chooses to act in order to carry out its destructive ends, I worry that it will accomplish many goals before the governments can find cause to oppose it–who wants to attack the hornets’ nest? Besides, calling the attacks “terrorist” only gives them a label. Doing so doesn’t stop or hinder the attacks. Nor does any official want ISIS to target him or his countrymen.

Evil is a destructive fire.

“For it is a fire that consumeth to destruction, and would root out all mine increase.” –Job 31:12


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