It’s a New Year

Sigh. Breathe in, breathe out.

Hi World, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? Still, convinced as I am of my utter lack of useful things to say, I take to my keyboard once again, in spite of my insecurities. Why?

Excellent question…

Here’s the thing: it’s a new year, and I have new goals. Also, I really miss writing. So, I’ve decided that–regardless–I want to write. Want to know some of my New Year’s Resolutions?

  • Write 2-3 blog posts every week
  • Read 25 books (mix of novels and quick-reads, fiction and non-fiction)
  • Do 1-2 major crafts

I read somewhere that the best goals are the finite ones, the ones that are clear and limited. Presumably, this is because a goal like “work hard on my craft projects” is vague and un-quantifiable. How will I know if I’ve worked hard? By feeling exhausted after an hour? …after two hours? …after it’s done?

See? That’s too vague a goal. And, because it is too vague, I will never feel that I have achieved anything, which is counterproductive to the whole “resolution” part.

In any case, this post is my attempt at the first resolution listed. The others have already been started, and I’m excited about the things I’ll get to do this year! I’m listening to a lot of music (I have a Pandora station playing while I’m at work), and Matthew has finally convinced me to play some video games with him (Pokémon Sun is clearly better than Moon…). Also, I got into a discussion about books with a friend of mine, and she strongly encouraged me to read “one of the classics” that was her favorite (or near enough), so now I’m reading Jane Eyre.

<Sidenote> I’ve generally avoided “the classics” through high school and college. Yes, shocking. Maybe it’s downright obstinacy, but I’ve always been slightly provoked by the idea that “the classics” are chosen by a random group of people, (who collectively decide it is an excellent read) and label it as a “classic,” thus ensuring that I will be shamed into reading it, solely for its status. As Matthew says, however, should I then assume that a “classic” book is a bad read because I had no hand in selecting it? Point taken. So, I’m trying to swallow my pride and read the doggone book. And (surprise, surprise) so far it’s pretty good. </Sidenote>

Among other things, I enjoy making…stuff… Yes, I could call them crafts, but I think the more accurate term is “hobbies.” I am, quite thoroughly, a hobbyist. I crochet, sew, and embroider. I bead and string; I paint, draw, and cartoon. Last year, I took up wood-carving, for Pete’s sake (and have the scars to prove my skill…). This year in particular, Matthew and I have decided to make our own Settlers of Catan board/game, he in charge of making the markers and small pieces, while I’m in charge of design. This should be really fun!

Truly, I will try to post updates. So…keep reading!


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