On the bright side, I’ve been trying to use my position as a way to encourage the students and faculty. Every day, I write a different quote on my whiteboard and illustrate it.

Arrogantly enough, I crack myself up, in drawing some of these. I really enjoy stick figures. To see the album, follow this link to my Flickr. I do, however, have the great pleasure of watching people come up, read the quote and give me their opinion. One student in particular reads my board every single day she comes in (she’s a grad student, and so does not need to be in the building all the time). Another faculty member comments on my artwork and thanks me for giving him something different to think about when he comes in.

It’s always nice to feel appreciated.

The weather has been cloudy for the last week and a half here. Sometimes, all I need is a little sunshine, and I can weather the day, as it were. Doesn’t it seem like that? That all we need is just a small bit, and we can press on?

Try to encourage others today.


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