I’m fairly certain I already have a post called “Worry” so, naturally, this is the next best thing.

In general, I encourage a healthy concern about things that are related to me, and things that could be. I also try to seriously consider things that, because of my religious or political beliefs, seem that I should be concerned about them.

It’s also important that I act on my concern when I can, or if I can; if the issue is important enough to move me to action, I should act.

However, there comes a point when my concern and my actions combined are not sufficient to either meet the observed challenge or ascend it; in short, I am sometimes not enough.

That’s okay.

Reader, by now you should see how important my faith is to me; in a way, it underlines the conscious things I do.

<sidenote> I say “conscious” things I do, because I am like most humans–flawed. As much as I try to do what is Right, I often fail, mess up, or–when I’m caught unawares–I do the Wrong thing. </sidenote>

It seems to me, then, that the worry and concern we carry with us through our days, that we dwell on til it makes us sick–maybe that’s not a healthy worry. When we can’t get it out of our minds, and we obsess and fret and dither about it–maybe, there’s a more peaceful option. One that doesn’t take away our acknowledgement of the problem, but at least lets us sleep at night.

What do I know, really? I’m not a doctor, scientist, psychologist; but I have peace. I can’t convince anyone, just share my own understanding. And my understanding includes faith. As far as my own beliefs go, doesn’t God also see these fears and worries? If I believe God created the universe and everything in it, isn’t God also big enough to handle every distressing circumstance that could ever befall me?

I believe He is. And so I have faith. And peace. And hope. Things will work out–at least, something good can come even of impossible circumstances.


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