Oh man. I should have made a New Year’s Resolution about bedtime. I’m so sleepy, and have no one to blame but myself…

Yes, we went to a SuperBowl party last night. Yes, we left early. Yes, we ate lots of stuff. Yes, I should have taken a Pepto before going to bed. Yikes…

The hardest part about change isn’t always the most obvious. Sometimes, adding things to our lives–even though they are good things–can complicate and stress us out. Sometimes, the best thing to do is in trying to change habits, and that’s hard enough.

M and I are really trying to get to bed earlier, say, about 9:30 p.m. Guess how many times we have done that since Jan. 1? Yeah, not the easiest. But it isn’t because we don’t want to, and it isn’t because we can’t; we go to bed late because…we just do. To reach our goal, we’re going to need to change our habits.

For instance, will the next day truly fall apart if I don’t spend precious time before bed trying to get a few more things done? Isn’t my physical rest important to a clear mind, and the ability to accomplish tasks? Maybe if I actually went to bed on time, I’d be able to wake up earlier, and then I’d get more things done. Sigh.

Habits are hard to develop, and even harder to change. But everything changes with practice. Just look at my awesome friend, who wanted to become a writer, and is in the process of publishing her first book. Talk about dedication and habit! She wanted to do this, and worked and revised and wrote and edited her manuscript–it hasn’t been easy, but she had to get in the habit of writing for a set amount of time every day. She had to get in the habit of reading other novels in her genre. She had to get in the habit of looking critically at her own work sometimes.

Reader, I’m a terrible planner. Organizing, sure, but not with planning; my own wedding was planned by other people, with my say as the final say. And I’m really bad at sticking with new habits.

But I try. If my friend can discipline herself to write a book, then surely little is beyond the realm of possibility for me… So, I’m going to work on getting to bed at a decent hour this week, and I will make doing so a habit.


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