Some of you didn’t know, but I’ve been taking voice lessons since the summer of 2016.

My grandparents have a home-video of me singing a story about gummy worms. I think I was five, and I was on key. I’ve always been able to sing, but I’ve had a soft voice, shy and hesitant. I’m so thankful for my lesson teacher, because she’s been showing me how to utilize my pipes, sing out, and sing fully. In some ways, it’s like my ability to draw: yeah, I draw well right now, but imagine if I studied with an actual artist, how much better I would be!

I also really enjoy singing in church choir, because I firmly believe that gifts of God should be used to honor him. In fact, I had a hard time agreeing to lessons and performing occasionally, because the music I sing in lessons is NOT always sacred. Is it okay to use these God-given talents in ways that are not traditional?

Perhaps it is. What if I try to honor God in how I sing? I should probably try to avoid singing things that promote ideals contrary to my beliefs, but other songs can still bring glory where it’s due.

Maybe, so long as I work to acknowledge the talent I’ve been given from God, I won’t have to worry so much about how I come off. That is, if my focus is right, then my reflection should be too.


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