Way, way, way, way back when I was young and carefree, I decided I wanted to become a linguist.

I was going to become proficient in English, Spanish and French so that I could move anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Later on, I expanded this goal to include as many Latin languages as I possibly could. I wanted to travel.

Though a little less practical now, it’s actually somewhat more possible to achieve that goal. I’m a huge fan of Duolingo, which helps me learn the languages I don’t already know by following an immersion-type learning experience. I’m unlikely to go to France and learn the language from them (although that would be super cool!), so I learn it online to help me with the French song I’m practicing in my voice lessons.

Again, I say “less practical” since, when I first aspired to such greatness, I was planning to travel all over the world, but certainly have not been able to fully do so. I like learning, and seem to have a natural bent for languages.

So I learn.

Sometimes, I think it’s much easier to profess ideals and opinions and be completely deaf to those who can’t speak. Democracy should be a weighing of all parties and consensus of the same. Maybe, if I struggle in a different language, I can be more compassionate toward those who cannot speak my native language, remembering how hard it is for me.

Also, it’s really fun to say things in French; it’s such a fluid language.


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